Defending the guilty: How do criminal lawyers defend someone who’s at fault?

It’s a criminal lawyer’s profession to defend their client and make sure they win. But it creates an ethical question. Let’s consider an extreme case.

A murderer hires a criminal lawyer and as part of their honest testimony, they explain all details while confessing to the murder. What does the lawyer do?

Doesn’t defending the murderer make the lawyer someone who helps antisocial elements proliferate or have a chance in society? Well, it’s not that simple.

Justice vs. revenge

What many forget is that you might hate someone for a heinous crime but revenge does not fix society. Justice does. And to make sure proper justice is served, the guilty party also needs a defence lawyer.

This lawyer will make sure that the charges and punishment received by the guilty are only for the crimes committed and not for the revenge quotient that’s involved in any crime.

When everyone from the people to the media becomes your enemies, you want justice more than ever, because it becomes too easy to sway public opinion (and in the cases of more serious charges and when requested, the jury’s opinion) and pile up more charges on the guilty fellow’s plate.

Ensuring justice is served and revenge is not taken is a criminal lawyer’s job.


Objectivity would be lost in a court without a good criminal lawyer defending the guilty. It will be much more like a barbaric trial that fixes nothing in society.

Criminal defense lawyers will do anything it takes to find clients innocent of their crimes. They work tirelessly to develop a strong defense and uncover evidence that’ll exonerate their client(s). 

The role that criminal defense attorneys play in their clients’ cases — from preparing for trial (and training for the job) to advocating for them is critical to ensure fairness and objective justice.

Using evidence-based arguments to disprove false claims or poorly-backed claims is critical to ensure that the guilty party doesn’t get attacked with artificial charges.

Wrapping up

A criminal lawyer defends someone who’s at fault in a criminal case. It’s the lawyer’s job to defend the person charged, be it a corporation or individual. On top of making sure that justice is served to the fullest extent possible, they’ll also make sure their client is treated fairly by the court system.

When you’re accused of a crime, you need an advocate that understands the complexity of your case and how to build an effective defence. Criminal lawyers defending the guilty help build that system to ensure fairness.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re innocent or guilty in a criminal offence as far as getting justice is concerned. You are entitled to vigorously defend yourself – and a criminal lawyer helps you do exactly that.

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