What Is The Exact Difference Between Criminal Law And Civil Law?

Law has been divided into several categories like business law, employment law, environmental law and criminal law. These kinds of the few categories of law with which the general public must be familiar are with. 

The media & news always frequently cover the news related to several criminal activities which are occurring across the world, but these offences never fall under the law of criminal. If you are also facing the offence, then you must get a legal consultation in London

There will be a common misconception related to criminal law. In case someone has already done a few wrongdoings, then it will never mean that person will be charged under criminal law. All things totally depend on how deep you understand of law. To know the proper difference between civil law and criminal law then, one must read the following important paragraphs carefully.

Criminal Law vs. Civil Law

Individual Vs Society

  • The main difference between civil law & criminal law is the overall definitions & kinds of offences that these two categories entail. 
  • Criminal laws are always covering lots of criminal-related activities such as theft, robbery, sexual offence, assault, burglary & others. If you are also suspected of under criminal law, then you must hire a professional and experienced lawyer who will help you in getting rid of tough situations. 
  • Civil law is also protecting the folks from contract breach and any kinds of personal injuries, negligence, property damage & defamation also.

Get Rid Of Penalty

The punishment or penalty for every single offence is completely different. Therefore, it is your responsibility to read everything about these laws. 

Civil law is specially created to protect a person. If any person is already involved in a case that is related to civil law, then he/she will be liable for damages. After that, he/she will also have to pay the charges for the damages.

However, if you are involved in a criminal case, then the penalty is really serious in these kinds of cases. The penalties will be in several forms like probation, several fines & incarceration also.

An overall penalty for criminal offences totally depends on the crime that you have already committed. There is no doubt in the fact that a criminal case is always a little bit tougher than a civil case. If you are also facing any kind of problem-related to the criminal lawyer, then you will require a skilful and experienced lawyer who will handle the criminal cases.

Final Verdict

As an individual, you need to understand the main difference between civil law & criminal law also. Hence, you must understand everything about it so you will surely avoid getting into the problem also. 


Q. 1 What is Civil Law?

Civil law is also known as the Romano-Germanic legal system or continental. They totally depend on the lots of categories, important concepts & crucial rules also.

Q. 2 Why is Civil Law Important?

The main role of Civil law is that it is continually offering an overall foundation for the doctrines and legal institutions also.