How to Become a Licensed Marriage Officiant in Canada

Have you ever wondered about the people who make weddings memorable by leading ceremonies? They are known as Marriage Officiants. A licensed Marriage Officiant in Canada ensures the wedding is carried out correctly and legally. Here is the regulations and strides you must undertake before becoming an officiant. 

According to Canadian law, when two people marry, they commit themselves not to marry anyone else other than each other. Both parties are required to consent and be at least sixteen years old.

Licensed Marriage Officiant

Different Types of Marriage Ceremonies in Canada (Religious vs. Civil)

In Canada, there can be religious or civil weddings held for couples. Spiritual leaders conduct religious weddings, while notable government officials perform civil ones.

Requirements to become a marriage officiant

Requirements to become a marriage officiant in Canada differ per province. Here are some general steps:

Get Ordained

One can be an authorized wedding officiant by getting ordained through organizations such as Celebrating Life Ministries.

Know Legal Requirements

Know the legal requirements for marriage officiants, depending on the province where you want to carry out the ceremonies. For example, in Ontario, both provincial government and organizational requirements exist.

Complete Necessary Documents

Be sure to have the required documents. These are application forms for a marriage license that both parties plan to marry, complete and hand into any Issuer.

Training and Certification

Depending on which organization you choose to join, you might have to undergo some training and certification. Humanist Canada, for instance, demands at least one year of continuous paid membership.  

Residency And Language Skills

To become a marriage commissioner, he must be 18 or older.  They must be fluent in English and live within the community of appointment.

Application Process

An application process usually involves submitting the application form. Having a cover letter and a current resume from relevant authorities would be best.

Ongoing Requirements

Marriage officiants are expected to uphold decorum during marriage services.  They should also observe its legal provisions and represent the government professionally.

Responsibilities of Marriage Officiants

Marriage officiants have essential roles in the period leading up to, during and after weddings. They make sure everything is legally okay before the wedding takes place. They will then legally marry couples during the ceremony. 

Record-keeping and Information Management

Marriage officiants have records of every wedding that they have. These contain such things as names of spouses, dates of marriage, and places where they were married. This documentation is necessary because couples need to have official proof-of-marriage documents. These should be kept safely.

Rights and Obligations of Marriage Officiants

Wedding ceremonies can be performed by anyone who meets specific requirements. However, these individuals have to be respectful while performing their duties. They should follow the law and heed what their partners want. It takes knowledge of these rights plus responsibilities on their part so that they perform effectively.


It is a heavy responsibility to become a licensed Marriage Officiant in Canada. The task involves knowing and implementing the rules well and having training. Marriage officiants are expected to do their job correctly before, during, and after ceremonies. They must keep proper records of all activities and know what to do. Get in touch if you need help obtaining a marriage officiant license in any part of Canada.