8 things to consider before choosing a divorce lawyer in Pickering 

If you are considering divorce, you must already be feeling stressed. You need a professional who can help lessen the stress associated with the whole process. A compassionate, experienced, and client-focused firm in your locale will suffice, but how do you identify one? AP Family & Divorce Lawyers Pickering comes highly recommended. However, before choosing a lawyer, we suggest you consider these 8 points:

  1. Experience

It would be best if you had a lawyer or law firm specializing in family law and had previously handled many cases like yours. Checking out the website and sending them an inquiry can give you an idea of how long the firm has existed. Ensure that you choose a lawyer that has been in business for at least four years.

  1. Past reviews 

Read what others say about the lawyer to learn more about their areas of expertise and experience level. It is a good sign if the lawyer has previously handled several cases like yours. One way to find out is through reviews. 

  1. Aggressive or assertive?

It is a bad sign if a lawyer discusses revenge on your spouse and how to “bleed them dry.” You want a lawyer whose focus is to help you settle the case as quickly as possible while protecting your rights. The lawyer should help make your life better by ensuring the process ends quickly, and you get a favorable outcome.

  1. Legal fees

The legal costs can contribute greatly to your stress if you choose an overly expensive lawyer. Investing in a good lawyer is key, but consider your budget and seek out a reasonably priced lawyer. Expensive does not always guarantee the best results in this case. The hourly rates in Pickering range from $350 to $700. Anything in the middle is reasonable. 

  1. Recommendations 

It is okay to ask your friends and relatives to recommend a good lawyer. If someone close to you has used a lawyer’s service and was satisfied, you can consider hiring them too.

  1. Other family matters

If you have children, you want a lawyer who fights for their rights. Not one who tries to use your children to win negotiations. If there are debt issues, you also want a lawyer who is experienced in this area. 

  1. Your expectations 

Before choosing a divorce lawyer, you must set your expectations for the lawyer. It helps you prepare for your first consultation with the lawyer. You will ask questions based on these expectations to determine if the lawyer can meet them.

  1. Your instinct

Consider what instinct tells you about a lawyer, especially during your first consultation. Can they meet your expectation? Did they give an accurate and honest assessment of your situation? Do you feel they can protect your interest?

First impressions are important; if your gut instincts say they’re right for you, you can retain them. 

These eight points are basic when choosing a divorce lawyer. Divorce is tough and exhausting, even if it is uncontested. Having a compassionate, professional, and experienced family lawyer on your side is worth the investment.