4 Benefits Of Defence Law Firms You Won’t Get With Solo Lawyers

When facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to have the best criminal defence lawyer on your side who can build a strong case in your favour. 

Hiring reliable and top-notch legal services can help you get out of serving jail time or even have the charges dropped altogether. That said, you might be wondering whether to hire a Winnipeg defence law firm or consult a solo attorney to fight your case. 

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Even though solo practitioners often claim to offer personalized legal services, they simply don’t have the resources or expertise of a law firm. Today we’ll discuss 4 benefits of hiring the services of a defence law firm over a solo lawyer. 

4 Benefits Of Hiring Defence Law Firms Over A Solo Attorney

1. More Responsive 

Since solo attorneys have limited time and need to take care of all cases by themselves, they might not always be available for legal consultations when you need them. 

Say a solo practitioner is working on an ongoing criminal trial; you might have to wait for weeks before they take up your case. In contrast, a law firm has several attorneys, and one of them will get back to you whenever you need a consultation. 

2. Better Resources

It’s safe to say that a criminal defence team will have access to better resources compared to a solo practitioner. By hiring the services of a law firm, you get your own legal team where several attorneys and paralegals work together on the case. 

They’ll also possess past case studies and investigation records similar to your case, which can help them build an ironclad defence.

3. Specialisation In Criminal Cases  

Solo attorneys can’t offer legal backup and support like a law firm because they have limited time and must be selective when choosing cases. Thus, a solo practitioner might not have sufficient knowledge or expertise in handling criminal cases similar to yours. 

But a legal defence team from a reputed law firm will have professionals who specialize in criminal defence. They’ll also have in-depth knowledge about the legal proceedings in a criminal trial to present a strong defence in court. 

4. Experienced And Skilled Legal Team

In criminal defence, experience speaks louder than qualifications. Since the attorneys at a law firm have worked both as defence attorneys and prosecutors, they’ll have a much better chance of achieving a favourable outcome compared to solo practitioners. 

Thanks to their years of experience handling criminal cases like yours, they’ll know how to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutors to make your case during trial. 


A law firm can offer you the kind of resources and legal support that a solo practitioner simply cannot. It doesn’t matter how good a solo attorney is; they don’t have the experience or knowledge of an entire law firm. 

When it comes to fighting criminal charges, you only want the best team by your side. So, hire the services of a reputed law firm today to handle the complexities of a criminal trial.