What Type of Fire Doors is The Best for Commercial Properties?

With so many fire doors on the market, it cannot be easy to know which type is best for commercial properties. It’s important to consider all the factors that affect the safety of a building when selecting fire doors. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what types of fire doors are best for commercial buildings and how they can help protect people and property in an emergency.

fire door

Fire Doors: What They Are?

Fire doors are designed to save lives by providing an extra layer of protection against flames and smoke in case of a fire. 

They are essential to any comprehensive fire safety plan and should be considered a top priority in any commercial property. Fire doors slow the progression of fires and provide a physical barrier between areas that may contain hazardous materials or open flame sources, such as stoves and heaters.

Types of Fire Doors

Several types of fire doors are available, each with unique characteristics and benefits. Solid-core wood doors are typically recommended for commercial buildings because they offer superior thermal protection compared to other types of door materials like metal or glass. 

Steel-core composite doors offer higher levels of resistance to forced entry than wood but also tend to be heavier and more expensive. 

Lastly, fiberglass-core doors have excellent soundproofing capabilities while providing some flame resistance.

Fire Ratings

When choosing a fire door for your commercial building, you will also need to consider what “fire ratings” it needs to have installed. 

The higher the “fire rating” number on the door label, the longer it should keep out smoke and flames if there is a fire in the building. 

Generally speaking, you should aim for at least a 20-minute rating on your commercial property’s new fire door installation unless your local fire code requires something different.

Choosing Door Hardware

When installing a new fire door into your building, it is just as important to ensure high-quality hardware is chosen from reputable manufacturers. 

This ensures that the locks supplied with the door system work correctly every time they are used correctly – this is often referred to as a “fail-safe” operation by professionals in this field – reducing both human error and malicious damage risks significantly during emergencies or everyday use alike.

Installation Considerations

Make sure that whoever installs your new fire door has been trained appropriately so they can do their job effectively without compromising safety standards or product warranties in any way whatsoever. 

Even if you choose quality components like those mentioned above, an inexperienced installer could still end up costing you money in repair costs if something breaks or goes wrong soon after installation due to incorrect fitting methods being used. 


Picking the right type of traditional garage doors supplier that provide fire door for your commercial property. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated; just remember these few simple tips that: 

  1. Solid-core wood paneled doors provide maximum protection from fires, while steel-core composite options offer higher levels of security against forced entry; fiberglass-core models have better soundproofing characteristics than either. 
  2. Make sure you pay attention to any “fire ratings” specified on labels (ideally aiming for at least 20 minutes), pick reliable hardware from reputable manufacturers who guarantee their product performance over time, and ensure proper installation by experienced personnel. 

With these points taken care of appropriately ahead of time, you should rest assured that your property is protected against potential fires no matter what life throws.