The 5 Most Common Garage Door Designs 

For a long time, nobody seemed to pay much attention to how garage doors looked. However, in recent years, people have been looking for ways to give their garage doors a look that complements their house. Here are five top designs to help you decide how you would like your garage door to look.

Garage Door Designs 

  1. Wooden garage door design 

The wooden feel has been a style that has endured the test of time. It has always been a classic look and never fails to bring out that antique rustic feel. Furthermore, you can always get an expert in handcrafting to create patterns and make a masterpiece. 

You can find garage doors made from different types of wood, such as oak, cedar, and redwood. A wooden garage door done by a garage door expert should be durable and withstand any weather. 

  1. Carriage house garage door design 

It is a popular design that entails two garage door pieces made to look like carriage doors. They have a timeless feel since they are one of the first garage door designs. They were formally opened outwards, which could be exasperating to do regularly. 

The modern carriage house garage doors are made with efficiency in mind, and you can open them like the modern garage doors. Modern carriage house garage doors come in different styles and sizes to suit diverse garage owners. 

  1. Glass garage doors

Glass garage doors are a modern concept embraced by commercial and residential customers. If you love nature or big spaces, glass garage doors are perfect. They allow natural light to give you an illusion of space and luxury. 

You can get a full-view garage door or cover them up using translucent glass. Glass garage doors are often made with aluminum frames. They enable it to hold the glass panes tightly and reduce breaking under pressure. 

However, glass-door garages can be chilly during winter and require more heat. Besides that, full-view garages also get condensation during chilly weather. 

  1. Windows garage door design 

Previously, garage doors were made to cover the garage. Many garage owners are now incorporating Windows on garage doors. They bring in natural light and the fresh air without having to open the garage door. 

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, window garage doors give convenience. You can change the garage door and remove the windows if they no longer appeal to you. You can also improve the look by customizing the type of window you want. 

  1. Decorative garage doors designs

Decorative garage doors come in different forms and designs. You can get decorative pieces on parts of the garage door, such as hinges and handles. These accessories come in different designs used to customize the garage door. 

You can get many styles from decorative hardware pieces such as the spearhead and heart handles. You can also get a garage door with beautiful iron knockers with animal features like the lion head.

Final words 

The garage door can bring a different look to the entire home. Choosing one that compliments the home is important based on your style. If you have been thinking about getting a new garage door, don’t hesitate to look at the highlighted designs.