The Truth Behind Eyenvy Products:

Eyenvy, a lash conditioner serum launched in 2009, might assist you in getting longer, fuller lashes. Eyenvy contains nourishing peptides and hydrating agents that target the lash growth phase, or anagen, to encourage the development of longer, thicker lashes.

Eyenvy Products

Are Eyenvy products effective?

It truly, truly works!

It works wonderfully for 99 per cent of users, even those who have experienced lash damage from severe lash pulling or chemotherapy. For one to 1.5 years, this consumer used Eyenvy daily. Lashes are almost two times longer and thicker than usual.

How fast does Eyenvy work?

Usually, people begin to see effects after 4-6 weeks. Within three months, the real impact is realised.

Can eyenvy products harm your eyes?

Many over-the-counter lash growth serums include the synthetic prostaglandin analogue isopropyl cloprostenol. Sadly, prostaglandin analogues have a history of causing severe, lifelong eye issues.

Sometimes it works too well.

Before you start blinking, make sure the serum is primarily dry.  

It’s not always suitable for everyone.

99% of consumers report success with this product.

Who it isn’t for:

  • Ladies who are pregnant or feeding.
  • For those with sensitive eyes, it could irritate them. Stop using it immediately and remove all eye makeup with a mild eye makeup remover if your eyes or the area around them become inflamed and uncomfortable. 

All goods can induce allergic responses, whether made in a lab or discovered in the wild.

Side Effects: 

People who use EyEnvy tend to be most devoted to having full, fluttery, and dramatic lashes. Thus they may also get lash extensions or a lash lift in addition to Eyenvy.

The following are the most bothersome EyEnvy adverse effects:

Excessive growth and shedding 

It seems to speed up the complete development process of your lashes in addition to lengthening the growth stage, so yes, even the shed occurs more quickly. Without a lash conditioner, the typical lifespan of lashes is between 6 and 12 weeks.

Crazy Growth, Crazy Lashes

Lashes conditioned with Eyenvy or any form of lash growth serum seem to grow in all different directions by forcibly growing out lashes where they don’t ordinarily grow to such lengths. It may be more difficult for your lash artist to add extensions to your natural lashes and make your lash lift seem a little messier.

Skin Discolouration Around Your Eyes

The most dreaded negative effect, which only affects a small percentage of users, is that the serum might temporarily discolour the skin where it is applied. It would be best if you were careful not to put it where you don’t want to. Always perform a spot test before using it freely every day.

I would strongly advise it for individuals: 

  • With short, flimsy lashes
  • Who suffered lash injuries as a result of:

  • poorly applied for lash extensions
  • Chemotherapy

  • You had your eyelashes pulled out, chopped off, or burnt off on the grill (you’d be shocked at what we receive!)
  • Or just those who want lashes that are generally the longest and thickest.

Use with caution if you have lash lifts or extensions (always consult your artist)

Have delicate skin or eyes? Always start with a test patch!

Do not use this product if:

  • You are nursing or pregnant.
  • Have an allergy (red, itchy eyes).


Eyenvy is the kind of product that can work wonders on your eyelashes. This product is effective but should be used with caution. If you want to shop eyenvy products visit their website given in the link above and explore all the wonderful options.