5 Amazing Things You Can Include In Your Father’s Gift Basket 

Ever wondered what makes a great Father’s Day gift? Well, we think a Father’s Day gift basket in Toronto makes a versatile and functional gift!

Choosing the right gifts can be complicated, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, there are so many gift items available on the market. Hence, we have compiled this guide to help you find the practical gift items for the perfect Father’s Day gift basket.

Father’s Gift Basket 

Five Amazing Things To Gift Your Father

1. Different Types Of Whiskey

Most dads prefer to drink whiskey to help them relax after an entire day of hard labour at their workplace. As such, gifting them some of the best whiskey bottles and a few drinking accessories will bring a smile to their face. 

If you plan to give him a whiskey bottle, we recommend including some customized whiskey glasses, nuts, snacks and more as a part of the basket. This will enhance his drinking experience, and he will surely be delighted! 

2. Snacks 

If your dad loves to take snack breaks during his busy schedule, you should gift him a bundle of all his favourite snacks. For instance, the bundle can include snacks such as biscuits, sweet treats, instant ramen, other types of instant food, etc. 

You can also include other snack items, such as chips, cold drinks, chocolates and many more, as long as he has no dietary restrictions. 

3. Grilling Station And Accessories 

Another amazing gift you can gift your dad is a grilling station along with the different accessories. We all love enjoying a good meal, and grilled foods are one of the best food items you can enjoy with your family. 

Similarly, you can include items like smoking tools, smoking wood, pre-made marinades, meat seasoning and other grilling items to enhance his BBQ experience!

4. Coffee  

It goes without saying that most dads prefer to have coffee wherever they wake up in the morning. Therefore, you can gift him imported coffee beans to make his day special. 

You can also add other coffee essentials like a coffee mug, cookies, and flavoured creamers to compliment the coffee. Apart from this, you can gift him an espresso machine as well. 

5. Gyming Essentials 

Lastly, you can gift your dad some gym essentials if he is conscious about his health and loves to build his body. For example, you can give him a gym bag and other essentials such as towels, gym clothes, protein shakes, a water bottle, and many more. 


With that, we have reached the end of our guide. Before signing off, we recommend doing some research before preparing your father’s gift basket. In addition, you can take recommendations from a local department store regarding the best father’s day gifts in Toronto or check out some options online!