7 Tell-Tale Signs Your Florist Sent You Stale or Old Flowers

Receiving a fresh bouquet can instantly brighten your day, but nothing can bring you down quicker than realising that those flowers are stale or old. This guide aims to help you spot those signs so you won’t get fooled again. Here are seven tell-tale signs that your florist might have sent you stale or old flowers.

Florist Sent You Stale or Old Flowers

The Petals Are Already Showing Signs of Wilt

When you order fresh flowers, their petals should look vibrant and firm. If the petals are wilting or drooping, it’s a sign that the flowers might be old. Wilted petals can look limp; sometimes, they turn a darker colour than the rest of the flower.

The Stems Look Dark and Mushy

Fresh flower stems should be firm and bright. If they’re dark, discoloured, or mushy, it’s a clear sign that the flowers are not fresh. It means the flowers were cut long ago, making them lose their vitality. 

Healthy flowers generally have green, vibrant leaves. If you receive flowers with fallen or yellowing leaves, it suggests that they have been sitting around for a while and are not as fresh as they should be.

The Flowers Have a Foul Smell

Fresh flowers should have a pleasant aroma. If the flowers smell foul or like decay, it’s a sign that they’re not fresh. Old or stale flowers often develop an unpleasant odour due to bacterial growth.

The Pollen is Dusty or Crumbled

The pollen in fresh flowers is usually vibrant and intact. If the pollen is dusty or crumbled, the flowers are stale. The deterioration of pollen signifies that the flowers are past their prime.

The Leaves on the Stems Are Yellow or Brown

Leaves on the stems of fresh flowers should be green and vibrant. If they are yellow or brown, it’s a strong indication that the flowers are old. Yellow or brown leaves indicate a lack of nutrients and freshness.

When flowers start to age, their petals often turn brown or develop other discolorations. If you notice significant browning or spotting on the petals, it’s a sign that the flowers are not fresh.

The Flowers Arrived with Dried Ends

If the ends of your flowers are dried or brown, they were likely cut a long time ago. Freshly cut flowers for longer should have wet, green ends, showing that they were recently cut and well hydrated.

The Flowers Don’t Bloom Properly

If the flowers don’t bloom after a few days, it could mean they’re old. Fresh flowers should bloom beautifully when correctly cared for. If they don’t, it’s a sign that they were not fresh when delivered.

Are Your Flowers Fresh or Stale?

Knowing these signs will help determine whether the flowers you’ve received are fresh or stale. Always examine your flowers carefully upon arrival, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you notice any of these signs. Your professional florist should provide you with the best quality flowers. After all, fresh flowers are a symbol of love, appreciation, and kindness. If you ever receive stale or old flowers, don’t hesitate to let your florist know and request a fresh bouquet. It’s your right as a customer to get the best value for your money.