What Flowers to Keep in Your Room?

Adding a splash of color to your space is one way to spruce up the decor. You can even take it a step further by planting flowers in your room. But where do you start? We’ve got some tips for finding the perfect flowers for your home!

flowers to keep in your room


Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers that are easy to care for. They make a great centerpiece on your windowsill or table at home, but they can also be planted in pots and brought inside if you want to keep them indoors. If you want something different than just a single flower, try growing several varieties together!

African Violet

African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are small, flowering plants native to the tropical forests of Africa and have been cultivated for centuries. The flowers come in many colors, including white, pink and purple. They also have two kinds of leaves: one with thick petals and another with thin ones.

African violets are easy to grow as long as you keep them indoors during cold weather, so they don’t experience frost or freeze burns on their leaves. 

You can keep African violet plants in pots on your windowsill or tabletop during the summer months if you live somewhere warm enough where there isn’t much need for heaters or air conditioning units!

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are low-maintenance plants that grow well in any environment. You can keep them in a pot or on the ground, but this is the best choice if you have room for an outdoor garden. They need little to no sunlight and only regular watering during dry spells.

Potted Rose

Roses are beautiful flowers that can be found in wide varieties, including white, pink, red, and yellow. They come with long stems that grow up to three feet high from the ground. 

Roses can be kept indoors or outdoors but the best place to keep them is if you have a sunny window in your room where they will get enough sunlight to grow well. The best time for planting roses is during springtime when temperatures are warm enough for them to bloom at their peak potential. 

If you want your rose bush to have more blooms throughout the year then you should consider buying one from a florist shop or nursery instead of growing it yourself because it takes time before something blooms again after being cut off by winter frost (which happens every year).


Deciding which flower to keep in your room can be overwhelming as there are many options available. You can buy or grow many different kinds of flowers in your room. It’s up to you how many and what kind they are!

Different flowers have different effects on the body, so choosing the right type of flower for your needs is important.

Try an African violet if you need a flower to help you get better sleep. If you want a flower that can purify the air in your room, opt for a peace lily. And if you’re looking for a flower that will boost your mood and keep you relaxed, consider keeping an orchid in your room. 

No matter what type of flower you choose to keep in your room, make sure to take care of it properly to enjoy its benefits for as long as possible!

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