5 Tips to Safely Transport Your Beloved Pet Across State

Are you making a big move across the state?

Moving is stressful, even more so if you have to take care of a furry friend. Pets don’t respond well to changes, and long car drives only add to their anxiety. Simply put, pet relocation in Toronto is no child’s play. 

However, there are a few things that can make the task easier. Take a look!

Pet Transport

5 Tips To Safely Transport Your Beloved Pet Across State

1. Buckle Up Your Pet

Although there isn’t any federal law for restraining your pet in a car, it’s ideal to buckle up your pet when the vehicle is in motion. You can use a leash or safety harness for this.

For added safety, keep your pet in the backseat instead of the passenger seat. That way, you will be more focused on driving, and your pet will also feel at rest. 

Furthermore, if your pet is too anxious to sit, you can create a comfortable environment for them by keeping their comfort blanket or toy in the car.

2. Maintain A Comfortable Temperature

Another key thing to remember while moving across a state is maintaining a pleasant temperature in the vehicle. If you are moving in peak summer months, be sure to keep your furry friend hydrated and cool. Turn on the AC, keep an eye on your pet’s reaction to it, and tweak the temperature when you notice them getting uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you are travelling during winter, turn on the heating system or keep your little friend snug in a blanket. 

3. Take Rest Stops

It is quite difficult to keep sitting for a long stretch while travelling, that’s why you should take rest stops every couple of hours. Take your pet out of the car and let them walk around for a bit. 

Doing this will not only give them time to answer nature’s call but also refresh their mood and soothe their anxiety. 

Moreover, pets tend to get motion sick during long car rides. Cleaning up their puke and sitting with its smell for the rest of the ride would be the last thing you’d want. Therefore, take optimum stops to give them a break from being in motion. Stopping for at least 10 minutes every two hours is ideal.

4. Avoid Tranquilizers

Even though sedating pets seems like an easy way out, it is not the best thing for them. In fact, some trusted medical associations strongly advise against giving tranquillizers to your little buddies as they increase the risk of heart and respiratory issues.

5. Hire Pet Transporters

If moving with pets adds to your stress and seems like too much of a hassle, you can turn to professionals. There are plenty of pet transporting companies in Canada that can take responsibility for your pets and safely move them across the state.


Transporting your pets is challenging but can be made easier if a few things are taken care of. Maintain a comfortable environment in your vehicle, take enough rest stops and buckle up your pets to ensure their safety. 

And if it seems too much of a task, don’t hesitate to hire professionals!