How to Troubleshoot Common Issues With Your Garage Door

Ah, the garage door. It’s one of those things that you pay little attention to until it stops working correctly and makes garage door energy efficient.¬†

Then it becomes a nuisance to try and get it back into tip-top shape, especially when you want to get in or out of your garage for whatever reason. 

Well, now there’s no need to fret as this blog post will show you how to quickly troubleshoot common issues with your garage door so you can easily get on your way:

Understanding How Your Garage Door System Works

Before we dive into the troubleshooting process, it is important to understand how your garage door system works first. Generally speaking, the system consists of two main components: the motor and the tracks. 

The motor powers the system while the tracks allow the door to move up and down smoothly. The two components are connected by a series of pulleys, cables, rollers, springs, etc., which also help keep tension on the system so it can operate properly. Once you understand this basic setup, we can troubleshoot any issues with your garage door system.

Common Issues With Garage Doors

Now let’s take a look at some of the more commonly encountered issues that might affect your garage door system, starting with non-motor related problems like doors that won’t stay closed or open:

Doors Won’t Stay Open or Closed

Suppose your door opens part way and stays there instead of hitting its upper limit when fully open (or vice versa with closing).

This is likely due to an issue in track alignment or worn-out rollers/rollers not properly installed along said tracks. Inspect each section of the track and ensure they are correctly aligned and adjust accordingly if needed.

Using a wrench or prying bar should do the trick. Then check all roller assemblies that run along those same tracks for wear and tear before reinstalling them securely into their respective mounts (if necessary).

Motor Stops Working During Operation – Not Responding To Remote/Wall Controls

There could be many potential causes here, ranging from blocked photo eyes preventing proper operation due to misalignment (more on later) to faulty wiring within the opener itself needing replacement/repair work completed by an electrician certified for such tasks (always be safe!). 

If none of these check out during an inspection then, there could also be an issue within one or both logic boards controlling operation. 

Whether from power surges over time or simply age having caught up with them at last, then replacing such would also be for full functionality restoration (again depending on severity).

Remote Control/Wall Panel Not Working Properly

Am I noticing decreased range from wall control panels/remote controls? Are buttons being recognized anymore when pressed? 

More than likely, such is caused by low capacitor levels inside these devices, which require either resetting via a pinhole button near the main power supply input point(s) OR complete replacement. 

Both are cost-effective, but the former is the naturally cheaper solution if discovered soon enough. 

Alternatively, signal interference due to indoor lighting fixtures containing fluorescent bulbs installed too closely nearby may cause similar symptoms. Remember to check on this if all else appears correct otherwise.

Concluding Thoughts

Troubleshooting common issues with your garage door doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful as long as you follow proper steps beforehand – inspecting each component while checking individual details against available documentation first off before moving onto other steps further down the line. 

Thus helping narrow down possible sources even quicker compared to what normally would take place. 

Always remember patience is key when attempting DIY repairs, so good luck to everyone out there. The above tips will help save costs and time alike till next time. Goodbye.