Easy House Plants That Do Not Need A Lot Of Water

Easy House Plants That Do Not Need A Lot Of Water

If you are looking for an easy house plant that does not require much water, consider the following types: Snake plants, Schefflera, Sansevieria, Hoya, and many others. These plants are low-maintenance, require only monthly watering, and only periodic leaf rubbing. A few other types are air plants, which require little maintenance. These do not require soil or any other type of soil to grow.

Snake plants

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, snake plants are also good for filtering the air in your home. Indoor air filtration helps to keep you and your family healthy and safe. These plants are a great addition to any home for aesthetic and health reasons. However, they should not be placed in a room where toddlers will accidentally knock it over. Here are a few tips on how to care for your snake plant.

Snake Plants


If you are looking for a tropical looking house plant, you might want to give a schefflera a try. They’re known for their vibrant green foliage and tropical vibe. To help you grow them, check out our schefflera plant guide for more information on their care and growing requirements. This plant grows to about 12 to 15 feet, which is a bit large for most homes. For this reason, you should prune them once in a while to keep their size manageable.


If you’re in search of easy house plants that do not require a lot of water, look no further than the sansevieria plant. With its sword-like leaves that range from gray to green and yellow edges, this plant is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a houseplant that’s low maintenance and easy to care for. Known also as mother-in-law’s tongue, Sansevieria is native to tropical and subtropical regions.

Aloe Vera

If you want a houseplant that requires minimal watering, try an aloe plant. This plant has a water-carrying leaf and can go up to three weeks without any water. Aloe plants grow best in full sun, but if you can avoid direct sunlight, you can get away with a less frequent watering schedule. Air plants, on the other hand, do not require soil and can grow almost anywhere, but they should be dipped in water every 10 days.

Indoor Aloe Vera

String of pearls

To get the most beautiful strings of pearls, plant them in an open, sunny window. Water them sparingly, and use a terracotta pot that has drain holes. The soil needs to be moist but not too wet. To minimize excess moisture, plant the string of pearls a few inches deep. You can also propagate them from cuttings, but be sure to sterilize all your tools first.

Money tree

Money trees appreciate warm temperatures and humidity. Keep the temperature around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but do not place them in a draft. Money plants also appreciate additional moisture. Bloomscape suggests placing the money tree on a pebble tray filled with water during the winter to provide additional humidity. Mist the leaves regularly, and fertilize every two months. A money tree can live for up to 50 years if it receives adequate moisture.